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Welcome to Seos Photography. My name is Jasmin and you can find me behind my Nikon, capturing love and chasing the evening light. I am a photographer from Sweden. I love real moments. I photograph love. My clients book me for maternity, lifestyle and wedding portraits in natural light, in the Swedish countryside or worldwide, like Italy or Iceland; close to the ocean or beaches, forests or meadows with beautiful evening light. Aside from outdoor wedding photography and spending time with my loved ones, I enjoy yummy food, live music and traveling.

A moment lived becomes a memory valued. Life is precious and love should be cherished and celebrated. I often shed some tears for love, joy and beautiful moments and I am also a very nostalgic person. These characteristics definitely show in my photography and editing style. I still keep my first two photographs captured over 20 years ago. The small polaroid frames show my father and my grandmother and mean the world to me.

Moments with people we love are everything. Make sure to capture them.


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 Ciao! In Polignano a mare in 2016.

Ciao! In Polignano a mare in 2016.

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While you experience the moment, I capture the memory for you.
— My philosophy